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Steps and tips to find the right size of MORPH t-shirt

How to choose your size of men's t-shirt according to MORPH the perfect t-shirt for men

Are you tired of looking for the right size of t-shirt? Want to find the t-shirt that fits you perfectly? You are in the right place !

As already explained in our article about the problem of standard sizes or everywhere on our site, we have developed a range of t-shirts for men designed to fit your body.

We have tried to simplify the process of choosing your size as much as possible so that you can find your ideal size in just two clicks.

Just like any system, you may find yourself in doubt about some answers. And that's why we will try to shed light on these doubts.

How to choose the perfect size of t-shirt according to MORPH?

  1. You must first choose from the three proposed morphotypes (categories of morphologies), which is the one that suits you the most
  2. Tell us what is your size among three size ranges

Details on the different body types - morphotypes:

different kind of body type men

1. Thin or Ectomorphic:

This morphotype is mainly characterized by: thinness. Generally, ectomorphic type people have a fine bone structure, a low muscular mass and a low rate of fat mass.

They have a narrow build, with a shallow shoulder and pelvis width, long limbs and triangular faces characterize this somatotype physically.

2. Athletic or Mesomorphic:

This morphotype is mainly characterized by: an athlete's physique. Mesomorphs are naturally endowed with a large bone structure, a good muscular mass and a relatively low fat mass.

They have wider shoulders than the pelvis, long limbs, and a square or rectangular face.

3. Beefy or Endomorphic :

This morphotype is mainly characterized by: a round physique by nature. Their skeleton is rather thin, their muscular mass is moderately developed and their fat content is higher than average.

They have narrow, drooping shoulders, short limbs, but also a wider pelvis and usually a round face.

If despite these details, you still can not rank in one of the morphotypes and you hesitate, here is our advice for the ideal cut according to you:

  • If you want your t-shirt to be adjusted, choose the finest of both morphologies.
  • If you want your t-shirt to be loose, opt for the slimmer of the two morphologies.

Clarification on the choice of size category:

You may be measuring exactly 1m75 or 1m85 and in this case you may be wondering which category to select. You will have to ask yourself how you want your t-shirt to fall on you.

  • If you want the V-size effect to be optimized, opt for the smaller size category. You measure 1m75 you will have to choose the category "<1m75"
  • If you want your t-shirt to be larger and longer, opt for the larger size category. You measure 1m75 you will have to choose the category "1m75 - 1m85"

By taking time to think about these questions, you will finally get the perfect t-shirt for you. If any questions remain, we are here to help you make the right choice!


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