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How to find the perfect t-shirt fit ?

how to find the perfect t-shirt fit for men ?

How to choose your size of t-shirt? How to be sure of the size of a t-shirt when ordering online? What are the tips for finding the right t-shirt size?

These are questions that many men ask themselves when they want to buy an online t-shirt. It is also valid for other clothes. If there is one thing that changes everything about a garment and especially a t-shirt, it's the choice of size.

The problem of choosing size in the age of the internet

When you order online you can not test it. Unless you have already bought and be sure of its size, it often happens that the item ordered does not go, the cut does not match you and you have to return it.

The solutions that exist to work around this problem and their disadvantages

There are different tutorials on the internet to try to get the right size of t-shirt however it requires to have something to take your measurements to compare to that of the desired model.

You will not be able to escape the comparison because unfortunately the international standard system (S, M, L, XL ...) is not so standard as that! To be honest, this system is obsolete because it dates back to the 50s and brands do a little what they want with the repository.

But that was before because we have the solution to find the right size of t-shirt!

At MORPH we have developed a new size system for men to find the perfect size and that corresponds to the wearer of the t-shirt.

Thanks to our system which rests on two criteria (your morphology and your size) finished this problem of size or cut of t-shirt which does not suit you!

Our size system is wider because it is composed of 9 archetypes (sizes) which each bear the name of a Greek god. We think it's still more flattering than being XS or XXL especially when you're a man.

Just answer these two questions to find the right size of t-shirt. In case of doubt you can read our guide to find the perfect t-shirt size or You can also ask MORPHY, he will be happy to help you.


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